Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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Friday, October 15, 2010

*{Fashion Friday}*

It's Fall! FINALLY! My tip this week...I believe heels always make a lady look taller and leaner. And did you know heels force you to have better posture?! Personally, I'd go for even higher heels than these! But then I'm a girl that loves to be a little bit of a Carrie Bradshaw now and then! ;)

You don't necessarily need to wear them your whole can switch them out with some ballet flats half way through if you'd like. But why not show off those legs ladies?!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Stay Extraordinary,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

*{Bundle of Joy}* MCLB Barstow Photographer

Last week I had so much fun meeting up with this family to shoot their precious newborn, Natalie.

I'm absolutely in love with the images we captured! She was only 10 days old at our shoot...and I love every bit of "newborn-ness" about her! And I think she may have a future as a hair model...look at that head of hair!!

I wish you all so much happiness in the years to come! Your world has just changed...for the better!

Here are just some of my favorites from the session...

Are you kidding me?! She is THAT precious!

And below is possibly my favorite newborn images I've ever taken. I love so many things about this shot. Look at all those wrinkles! I think this one photo captures the essence of a newborn perfectly.

Look at that foot! She had the longest little toes and fingers!

Lovin' this shot of mama! You look awesome girl!

Thanks for the wonderful session! You all were a pleasure to work with!

Stay Extraordinary,

Monday, October 11, 2010

*{Daddy and the D-Word}*

So it's not a big secret...most of my readers know we are a military family. It's the path we've chosen for our family. It's a complete lifestyle, not just a job. But it's one that we wouldn't trade for really anything. We move every 2-3 years...which just boggles some people's minds. To us, it's normal, and do I dare say...FUN! To me, I'm itching to move someplace new after a year and a half at each duty matter how much I love it there! We've been so blessed to live all over our country...places we would have never imagined. We are a proud military family and love this life.

And just like ANY job out there, there are pros and cons. We knew it was about husband had been home for a couple of years. Yes, the D-Word was upon us...another deployment. We did not receive much notice this was like ripping the band-aid off and just getting this over with! However, it is the first deployment where our girls really have a sense of what a deployment means.

Telling the girls...YUCK. Little Miss Sunshine took it all in and wanted to see on the map where daddy was going. When I asked her how she felt about all of it, her 6 year old response was, "I'm sad daddy has to leave, but I'm happy he gets to help the people." Now if that doesn't melt your heart, I just don't know what will! And our Itsy Bitsy seemed confused and went into some tears knowing she was going to miss daddy and this wasn't the typical business trip.

So the kiddos' ONE AND ONLY request...they wanted a photo shoot with daddy. They were very serious about this request and they were going to make sure we didn't forget! So the night before daddy deployed, we took the kiddos to the baseball field near our home and captured them playing around together. The girls said they wanted pictures so they could see daddy's silly face! And in the first picture, I'm sure you can see what they are talking about...I can just hear him, "THE CLAW!"

Here is just a handful of what we captured that night...

And here is something fun for you all that I put together...if you are military, I hope you get a laugh relating to this!

TOP TEN: You know you're going through a deployment when-
1. Your child hears what they DON'T want to hear, and immediately starts to cry, "I want daddy."
2. Trash days are key! You count them down...every week when you roll those trash cans out, you think to yourself, "one more down!" Followed by, "the husband should be doing this!"
3. No fighting for the remote at night. My nights have been filled with Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Keeping up with the Kardashians...and not once have I watched Myth Busters!
4. When you shower, your cell phone is on the counter in the bathroom. And at least once every couple of months you swear you hear the phone ringing mid-shower and turn the water off promptly with shampoo in your hair, just to realize you were imagining things!
5. Weekends mean NOTHING. 'nuff said.
6. Retail therapy is a valid excuse (by the way, you'd love the new Anthropologie lamp shade I just bought)!
7. Laundry is seriously cut in half!
8. Cereal for dinner is completely acceptable when feeding myself and two kids!
9. If we are at a restaurant and one kid needs to use the restroom, ALL three of us need to leave the table to go to the restroom. I'm always afraid the waiter will think we're bailing on a check and leaving the restaurant.
10. You daydream about the vacation you will take when your loved one is home again.

Feel free to add to the Top Ten list in the comments!

Until then,
Stay Extraordinary...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

*{Fashion Friday}* Fort Irwin Family Photographer

One of the biggest topics of concern when a family books a session is, WHAT DO WE WEAR?!

I'm going to start Fashion Friday. On the blog, I will try to post some clothing ideas for you!

I always tell my clients you want the colors to compliment each DON'T want to be matching. And here is a perfect example!

Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

*{BUCKEYES}* Fort Irwin CA Family Photographer

BUCKEYES! That is all I'd have to say and our little Mr. Gavin would get a big grin on his face. His family is raising him right by instilling those hometown values! And his Ohio State jersey is proof!

I had a blast last weekend going around post with this family. And ahhhhhh...the nice cloudy sky. A photographer's dream...gorgeous diffused light. I haven't seen diffused light in over 2 years now and it brought me back to my Washington photography days! Seriously, it is the very first session I've had while living at Fort Irwin that was not in the full blazing sun. And it actually FELT like Fall outside...Heaven!

So here are some photos of our session together. I love candid photos of families having fun...'nuff said.

Oh Mr. Gavin, you just KNOW you are the center of attention, don't you?!

LOVE this big grin on Mr. Gavin's face...can you tell he is so proud of his daddy?!

Superman! Of course he is!
And I'm convinced this last shot is my favorite of the day. I love the wind blowing her hair and the moment captured. Remember this moment Mrs. B when he's eighteen!

Have a fabulous Thursday Fort Irwin!
Stay Extraordinary,